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Getting that garage you’ve always wanted doesn’t have to be a difficult process. From a simple, single car garage to one that offers ample storage space for more than just your vehicles, we offer a complete line of custom garage packages that include all labour, materials, and slab work required.

We have a wide selection of standard size and pre-planned garage packages to fit any budget. Or if you’re looking for something a little more unique we can work with you to plan and build a garage that will meet your exact needs and specifications.

Best of all, most of our garages can be built within 6-8 weeks and with minimal disruption to your everyday life. Each and every project we take on is closely overseen by one of our project managers to make sure that when we’re finished you’re completely satisfied.

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What to expect when working with JonesCo Builders.

The process

Although a garage or accessory building is not as large as a house, the process for the planning and construction still follows a similar pattern. During the process of permit application, planning, scheduling, foundation (slab) delivery of materials and the construction, there are many different people and variables that come into play. Because you wouldn’t employ a painter to pour your home foundation or an architect install your roofing shingles, we apply the same principles to the construction of a garage. A draftsman does planning, concrete is done by concrete professionals and so on. Bringing these different people together at the appropriate times at many locations is part of the process you employ JonesCo to carry out. From start to finish our team monitors these professionals and works with them and their schedules, making sure they have the proper materials and information to complete your project.

What is the schedule?

Our building schedule loosely follows a projected timeline based on the time of year, date of contract, length of application time, material availability and personnel scheduling. While most workdays occur on “week days” there are instances where our staff and suppliers do conduct operations on weekends or “off hours” in an attempt to keep your project moving forward in a timely manner. Our workdays can start as early as 6AM and continue until 9PM when necessary. It is normal for certain stages to take longer than others and while something may not be occurring everyday from start to finish on your job site, there is continuity in the process of getting your project complete. Things like weather, material availability and holidays can affect the schedule accordingly.

How long will this take?

Most garages or accessory buildings under 600 square feet will take a day for excavating, a day for forming of the slab, a day to pour and finish, and a day to strip the forms. Generally once the foundation is complete the construction of the building will take 1-3 days depending on the scope of work. Permit application can take anywhere from 4-5 days to 21 days at peak time of the build season.

Something is missing on my garage!!!

Don’t panic, we have you covered. From time to time we miss a detail or two and the scope of work you agreed to is in writing and available to all of our personnel. All components of your garage are listed in your scope of work or outlined in the description in the end. If a detail included in your scope is missed or a product is applied that is not supposed to be, it would be fixed or replaced before we complete your project. If you would like any building product or service not listed in your scope, talk to your project manager about the additional costs of adding these items. While it seems like building a garage is a permanent thing, most components can be changed or replaced without affecting the rest of the structure.


Your custom plans that were used to complete our scope of work and contract, is the same set that are used to file your permit application and given to our personnel for construction details. If at any time you would like to change something or have a question about the plans please let your project manager know.

What does a polished Concrete slab look like?

Our concrete slabs on grade are built using engineered and current design features. Concrete slabs will have a thickened footing perimeter with a 4” center of 4000PSI concrete with wire mesh throughout and rebar at footings. All engineering requirements will be met where applicable and we take all reasonable precaution when placing concrete, and polishing the surface. Deficiencies in concrete can occur, such as hairline cracks, surface imperfections, color variations and inconsistencies during the curing process. Concrete is a product that can change as the chemical reacts in it, and can deflect and shrink as it dries. While a smooth consistent finish is normal there may be trowel marks and or rough areas after drying takes place. If you would like to see examples of our normal finished concrete floors please let your project manager or sales person know, and pictures can be provided. In the instance that there is a rain event right after a slab is poured, it is normal for water to pool in shallow spots on the slab. Of course once your roof is installed, water will not have an opportunity to get in!

My brother in law says you’re doing it wrong. Is he right?

Well we don’t know your brother in law, but no, he’s not right. Our construction methods are tried and tested amongst the best in the industry. The persons we employ are skilled in their trades and apply the same product to many buildings day in and day out. Your project will be inspected by our project manager and then again by a building inspector for deficiencies in workmanship and in product. Rest assured that our building methods are above industry standards and any deficiencies will be addressed.

There is a big stack of wood next to my garage, is this mine?

Our garage packages include all materials and labor to complete the building outlined in your scope of work and plan. If there are materials or wasted parts of products left over once the scope of work is complete, they will be removed by JonesCo personnel and deposited at an approved construction debris site or supplier. It is possibe for a supplier to “over estimate” the amount of some products for your garage and ship them to your site due to a mistake by the installer, faulty product or an error in selection of products. Products not required to complete the building are not included in the quoted amount. If you would like to retain some of this product, speak with your project manager and they can be sold to you as an addition to your package.

Is my garage finished?

Once construction of your garage is complete, a project manager will visit the site to inspect the building and ensure all items on the scope of work listed are complete. An HRM building official will also attend the site to inspect on behalf of the municipality. It is crucial that the garage remain unlocked and empty until both inspections are done to avoid a failed inspection due to inaccessibility or occupancy prior to permit. Although your building may appear complete, there may be one or two items yet to be finished by our personnel.

Build your dream garage today!

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