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Backyard Suites

Utilize your property to its full potential! Whether you are accommodating a family member, working from a home-based office, or creating a rental opportunity.

In terms of pricing and building detail, backyard suites can be very different from accessory buildings “garages” in that they have a different set of standards, Municipal fee and code requirements/inspections, and need to adhere to a specific set of land use by-law rules.  

When considering a living space on your property additional to your home, we must allow for connections to sewer and water supplies, overhead electrical service and proximity to adjacent land and buildings. The timeline to construct a backyard suite is also more extensive than accessory buildings.

Base pricing for these types of projects, turnkey, start in the $85,899 - $299,900 + Site Work.

While we are happy to incorporate any upgrade that you can dream up, staying within our standard finishes package will keep the project on budget.

Avery Backyard Suite
Avery Backyard Suite built by JonesCo Builders
Aiden Backyard Suite
Aiden Backyard Suite built by JonesCo Builders
Alicia Backyard Suite
Alicia Backyard Suite built by JonesCo Builders
Apsley Backyard Suite
Apsley Backyard Suite built by JonesCo Builders
Atom Backyard Suite
Atom 2 Backyard Studio Suite.jpg
Archer  Backyard Studio Suite
01_Photo - 1-15.jpg
Brynn  Backyard Suite with Garage
01_Photo - 8.jpg
  • 2x6 Exterior Wall Construction, 2x4 Interior Walls 

  • Engineered, Insulated Concrete Slab

  • Gutters and Downspouts 

  • R24 Insulation

  • Kohltech Windows and Doors 

  • Weiser Locks and Hardware

  • Connections to existing sewer and water within 40’

  • Vinyl Siding – Standard Colours

  • Certainteed Landmark 35 Year Shingles Moire Black

Ariel  Backyard Suite with Garage
01 garage_Photo - 8.jpg
Bailey Backyard Studio
01_Photo - 8-2.jpg

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