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Basic Garage

Introducing our highly sought-after package: The Shell Tight Option for a 24×24 garage, delivering exceptional value at an unbeatable price of just $28,995 +HST. This package encompasses everything you need to transform your dream garage into a reality, with added peace of mind knowing that all permits and fees, as well as the concrete slab, materials, and skilled labour required for the entire project to reach shell-tight completion, are included.

What does "shell-tight completion" mean? It means you'll have a fully enclosed, weather-tight structure with walls, a roof, and secure doors and windows. You get the essential framework and protective covering, laying the foundation for customizations and personalized touches.

Flexibility is at the core of this package. We understand that each client has unique preferences and specific requirements. Thus, we offer the option to modify or enhance the package to fit your design aspirations or desired level of finish. Whether you want additional features, energy-efficient enhancements, or stylish finishes, our team is ready to cater to your needs.


Our team of experts will be delighted to discuss your project, provide insights, and offer a comprehensive quote, ensuring transparency throughout the entire process. Get a free estimate.

Financing available with financeit
Custom basic garage built by JonesCo Builders

Build your dream garage today!

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