Secondary Suites

Secondary suites are a great way to utilize your property to it’s full potential! Whether you are accommodating a family member, working from a home based office, renting out a space, or just need more room for your stuff. Secondary suites offer all the comforts of home in a smaller footprint, close to your primary residence.

In terms of pricing and building detail, secondary suites can be very different from accessory buildings “ garages” in that they have a different set of standards, Municipal fee and code requirements, and need to adhere to a specific set of land use by law rules.

When considering a living space on your property additional to your home, we have to allow for connections to sewer and water supplies, overhead electrical service and proximity to adjacent land and buildings. The time line to construct a secondary suite is also more extensive than accessory buildings, and come with different reviews and inspections.

Our secondary suites come in two versions. “Shell tight” with all exterior claddings complete and rough-in plumbing installed in the foundation, ready for you to complete on the inside, or “ Turn key” ready to move in with allowance amounts for flooring, light fixtures, bath fixtures, and cabinetry.

Base pricing for these types of projects, turn key assuming a main living area, one bedroom and one bathroom start in the $79,990-$85,000+HST range and site work.

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Secondary Suites Options

One Level

Two Level